Neptune Lines buys 10 scrubber systems from ME Production

ME Production in Frederikshavn is expanding and has received a new order for 10 scrubbers.

This time, the scrubbers will be shipped to Greece, where the Greek shipping company Neptune Lines docks. Neptune Lines operates 17 PCTC vessels of a cargo capacity between 1,200-4,500 cars, offering transportation and shipping solutions to manufacturers and shippers of cars and high and heavy cargoes

Neptune Lines has great confidence in ME Production.

“MEP has a proven record for installing scrubbers in similar type of vessels. The system was simple to be understandable from the crew on board. The tailor-made design was the most suitable for the space we had inside our funnels” says Technical Superintendent Vangelis D. Dardanos, Neptune Lines.

ME Production welcomes Neptune Lines as the Company’s first Greek scrubber customer.

“ME Production and Neptune Lines have a very good cooperation on the 10 scrubber systems that are being built in Frederikshavn. Neptune Lines is extremely professional to work with, and we have already achieved fine results with the first two scrubber systems” says COO Rasmus Carstens, ME Production.


ME Production has an ambition of delivering a scrubber a week in both Denmark and China, and so far, everything goes according to plan. A scrubber system costs between 7.5 and 10 million DKK.


“ The IMO 2020 regulations represent the most far reaching, fundamental change in worldwide maritime transportation in the last decades. Unfortunately, the fuel industry has not yet convincingly prepared itself for the upcoming changes and a number of questions about shipping operations after January 1, 2020 still remain unaddressed. As a major short-sea car carrier operator with an integrated liner network, we use large quantities of bunker fuel every year. We have decided to employ a portfolio approach to manage the risks of the new regulation and usage of hybrid-ready scrubber technology is one of the tools we are employing. Having carefully researched this technology, we are confident it delivers an environmentally friendly, safe-to-operate and flexible solution to the 2020 Sulphur cap regulations” says George Kriezis, Neptune’s Technical Manager.


Since 1 January 2018 ME Production has produced over 30 scrubbers in Frederikshavn. This has increased the number of employees in Frederikshavn from 60 to 150. The company has also opened a scrubber factory in China.

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